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" If you follow the trend, you will never be ahead"
~ The Zen Winemaker ~

3 terms, 2 quotes, 1 question

November 5, 2021

Happy Friday! Time to wrap up this week and get ready for the next! Take a deep breath and kick off the weekend on a positive note. Let's consider where we have been, improve it, and move forward next week. Packing the most content into the least words and trying to change the world, one glass at a time.

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3 - Wine Terms - Bordeaux, France

Many of the mainstream wine varietals that are available in the mass commercial marketplace originated in France. Today we will focus on the Bordeaux region which is located on the Atlantic side in the south western part of France. Bordeaux has a long history of making wine dating back to the Roman occupation. This relatively small area, in 2020 produced over 586 million bottles of wine.
  1. Geography - the Bordeaux region is divided by the Gironde river into the Left bank and the Right bank. As of 2020 there were 269,000 acres under vine in the Bordeaux region.

    The Left bank region is mostly well drained gravel and typically produces Cabernet Sauvignon dominant blends. The Right bank is more clay based soils and produces Merlot based wines. Some of the most expensive wines in the world are produced from the Right bank.
  2. What's in a red Bordeaux? Unlike the US, French wines do not generally list the types of grapes in the bottle and it is assumed based upon the region. There are strict regulations on what, how much and how the fruit is grown. But generally for a Left Bank Bordeaux (Medoc & Graves) we tend to find blends of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, and Petite Verdot. On the Right Bank (St. Emilion) we find mostly Merlot and Cab Franc blends.
  3. What is Terrior? Terrior is a French word that describes the complete set of local conditions in which a particular wine or family of wines is produced, including soil-type, weather conditions, topography and wine-making activities. This includes wind, rain, sun angle, elevation, local flora and fauna. Many winemakers agree that all of the characteristics provide the foundation for quality wine.

    As I like to say, "Start with good fruit, don't screw it up, you have a fighting chance of making a quality bottle of wine."

    This is why we selected each varietal from regions that have the right Terrior, that way we know we are staring with quality fruit.

2 - Quotes from Me:

1. "Eat what you like, drink what you like, and hang out with who you like, its not that complicated." ~ The Zen Winemaker

2. "The early bird gets the worm, unless it rains in the afternoon." ~ The Zen Winemaker

1 - Question to ponder:


I was driving back from Santa Barbara with our last load of Merlot ending our 2021 harvest. And I was listening to a podcast about sensationalism in the news streams and social media streams. The pod casters were talking about how media can drive our personal preferences.

Suppose we like guy X and don't like guy Y. The news media knows if we promote guy X with positive accolades and speak negatively about guy Y they will gain our attention - more attention, more time on stream, more advertisements they can drive towards us. What I found most interesting was that if they only ditz guy Y, they get even better results.

If you remain open minded and view across competing news channels you will notice this trend of negativity. The casters then brought in a few Physiologist and Behavioral Scientist and they talked about how when we are continually bombarded with this negativity, it actually excites us. It makes us light by releasing endorphins into our system making us happy.

Realizing this helps us avoid this knowing we are just being manipulated.

Nobody really understands what makes one person like this and dislike that, it is really a mystery to all of us.

So here is your question: Brussels Sprouts?

Love Them

Hate Them

No Preference

~~ Notice ~~

If you are listening to something and you don't know what they are selling, it is you they are selling.



Darius Miller - The Zen Winemaker

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