Pushing my Buttons

It takes a lot to get me going, but…

I had just finished writing the Zen Breathe 3-2-1 newsletter about Acceptance and had closed down the computer and was heading off to the winery.

I’m in the fast lane on 56 heading east approaching I-15 and there is this white souped-up Charger coming up on me fast – very fast. I’m approaching the overpass and have a red light so I begin to brake and the driver behind me is impatient. I shouldn’t judge (right? maybe he has to go to the bathroom, or his mom is in the hospital) but he is being pushy riding my back bumper like he wants to smell my exhaust or something. I felt like a dog with another snout up my yo-ho.

An extra lane emerges on the left and he impatiently darts into pole position. Engine revving, ready for the light to change. His nose keeps jerking forward as he waits for a green light. He looked like a bull ready to charge the Madahorn. Huffing and puffing all hot and bothered.

I don’t know why but certain behaviors just get under my skin – I keep trying, making slow progress, but just can’t shake certain things.

The light changed green and he stomped the gas hard, I guess I did too.

Now my truck can haul a 12,000-pound trailer up the Grapevine at 65mph and has torque you can’t believe out of the 5.0L V8, so it has some giddy-up.

At 55 (being a law-abiding citizen) I let off the gas a truck length ahead of him. He shot past me probably reaching 70 before he realized that he still had lost. I guess he was upset since he gave me a single-finger salute. My actions probably didn’t do any good, I didn’t solve any world problem, nothing was achieved – but boy did it feel good (I hope karma doesn’t bite me in the butt for this)

Remember, nobody is perfect – all we can do is try to become perfect – that’s our true mission in life.

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