“a very intelligent conception for a book, executed with skill, warmth and insight.”
~ Chief Editor ~


5 Simple Steps to
Follow Your Dreams and
Overcome Your Fears

In 2020 Gallup reported that 70% of US employees are disengaged, stressed and frustrated in the workplace;
Are you one of them?

Using 6 simple techniques based upon ancient wisdom, you can easily transform you life all for the cost a glass of wine. Just because the steps are easy, does not mean they are not
very powerful.

Book Overview

https://youtu.be/Y0JdODKA-FgDo you have the desire to move forward and develop the courage to follow your dreams knowing you can make them real? Or, are you stuck and need a little guidance to move along?
Grab the book, grab a glass of wine and change your life forever. If it worked for me and the thousands how have followed these steps, it can easily work for you. I’ll even guarantee it.
Image what life would look like if you
‘Followed Your Dreams & Overcame Your Fears’


Meet Joe, our hero, who is stuck in the middle of frustration and termination. Caught in a hostile takeover in a dead-end job, he is lost and has no direction. Faced with mounting bills, a new child on the way and a lack of confidence, he is disillusioned. By chance, he happens upon Koi Zen Cellars, a craft winery located in San Diego and meets the enigmatic ‘Zen Winemaker’ who teaches Joe the art of winemaking and living a purposeful life.

Over the course of a few months, Joe learns how to ‘see’ reality as opposed to living in a world of fantasy. He learns the art of ‘swirling’ to gain new perspectives from all angles. He learns the technique of ‘smelling’ out opportunities while avoiding problems. He actively ‘sips’ life through first-hand experience and learn to ‘savor’ his experiences, both good and bad learning from his mistakes and moving forward with purpose.

About the Author

Winemaker, Author, Educator & speaker

Darius Miller grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia fascinated with design, building, sharing and creating. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Education and a master’s in Computer Science. He is an entrepreneur having built many companies in diverse industries.

After 17 years, he left the high-stress corporate environment as a military contractor and refocused his energies on establishing the winery Koi Zen Cellars located in San Diego, CA. This had been a long-time dream where he “wanted to follow his passion and not a paycheck.” The motto of the winery is “Uncork, Sip Back and Relax.”

He produces a weekly blog focused on wine education mixed in with personal development and motivational themes.

His book is a fable where he shares his true experiences with you using wine and winemaking as a metaphor. This book will not tell you how to create a purposeful life, but will give you the insights, motivation, and techniques to do so on your own. This book was written for anyone who is stressed, frustrated, knows there is more and just needs a little guidance, encouragement, and direction.

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