The Power of You


ometimes you can’t get a word in edgewise and feel voiceless. Or when you stare at the stars you can feel like a tiny speck of dust. With over 7.8 billion humans on this earth, it is easy to feel small and insignificant. But you are not. You are important to yourself, your family, your friends, and the things that you do. Sometimes we forget this and life can become miserable.

In the ‘Zen Winemaker’ book, I talked about how a single grape can change the world. Most wine grapes have one or two seeds. Each seed can produce a vine. Each vine can produce thousands of vines. Those thousands can produce millions and then billions. Not bad for a humble grape seed.

Even though there are many people, many never live to their full potential; a seed without a sprout. You don’t need to have that great big idea to share, all you need is a seed. It could be a smile, a thank you, a kind word, or a helping hand. That is all that is needed to make this a better world.

If you did two small things to make two other people’s life’s just a touch better, and they did the same by each helping two others, the world would change. Not by little, but a lot. If those two things were helpful, the world becomes a better place. If those two things are harsh, the world gets darker.

If you passed two good intentions to two people who then passed on to two new people – after 32 iterations, every person on earth would be touched. This the power of you.

As I told my children, make wise choices, and do good things.


The Zen Winemaker